Bollywood Actresses and their Expensive Cigarette Brands

Bollywood actresses and their Expensive cigarette brands

Bollywood actresses or the Female celebrities in any industry choose their things wisely and smarter, no matter whether it’s a luxury car or a small cigarette.

It’s due to the stylish, fashionable lifestyle or the stress, Bollywood actress tends to smoke and booze in real life. If not all, few are.

Anything of the actress desire must up of utmost quality and refined, while the pricing of the product is at the least concern.

Below is the list of Bollywood actresses who smoke in real life and the costly cigarette brand they use.


It’s the number one brand of Cigarette that Bollywood actress use, which basically from The Chancellor Tobacco Company, England.


The price of a Treasurer pack is around $60, which is according to Indian Rupees is Rs. 4200. The material used to make the cigarettes are of premium quality to reduce the level of nicotine intake.  


One of the most commonly used foreign cigarettes by female celebrities and actresses is the Marlboro Vintage. Actress Kareena Kapoor was once shot on camera carrying a pack from Marlboro.


The manufacture of the cigarette is Philip Morris, USA and one of the most affordable cigarettes ranging up to $4.4 to $9, which is INR. 630.


The smokes from this company are popular among ladies since the company released the filtered cigarettes exclusively for women.

Nat Sherman

Nat Sherman is a sister concern of Marlboro cigarettes, which is also an ideal product for a woman to have.

Nat Sherman

The price of the Nat Sherman is similar to that of the Marlboro pricing a pack for $10 or INR. 700.

The piece burns long and offers a satisfying mood while intaking less nicotine making it ideal for actresses.

Virginia slims

virginia slims

Virginia slims are exclusively for ladies with a defined level of material used to manufacture. A pack of Virginia slims is priced around $6.61, which is Rs. 460.



Eve is an American brand cigarette owned by the Liggett group and was initiated to rival the Marlboro group’s Virginia slims. These cigarettes are relatively expensive than the other brands targeted for women.


A range of Eve cigarettes is available like Menthol, emerald, turquoise and more ranging up to $43 which is Rs. 3000.




Another brand of cigarette loved by Bollywood actress and female celebrities is Kent, which is produced by an American company.

One of the finely made cigarettes and is priced for $6.60, which is INR. 450.

Sushmita Sen



Vogue is another type of mild rolls made especially for women. Produced by an American and British Tobacco company and priced for $5.60 which is rough of INR. 360.

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